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"No one ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American people"

    East Berlin on the lake ..
 It used to be a "Second City" known for the blues, Capone, the slaughterhouses, the 1968 riots. Never a New York, London or Paris, not even L.A. but with vitality and a semblance of style (...) more
   .. had an election ..

Retarded thief Daley finally out to pasture, it was off to choose a new Maya. 

We got the girlie-voiced, phony smirking enforcer; anal-retentive Daley stooge Chico; good-natured-nasty-laicaidisial-with-cash Carol; and the other dude whose name they didn't even bother to scroll at the debate, the only one who sees it as a problem that Chicago is a nasty little policestan Camp Xray.

When he mentioned the sheer opressiveness of living here, the others just shrugged.. the dude, of course, had no chance in hell.

     First Balbo, now this ?
 Check out these nazi relics in one of Chicago's most prominent public buildings..
    Rahmie's brilliant banking career

Fascinating detail from the life of our new owner, as described in this 'Observer' article :

"By 1998, he left for the world of banking with unmatched political contacts. After a two-year stint in finance, where he earned more than $16m dollars, he came back to the political world"

In other words, a guy who never worked in the banking field, with no experience and 20 years after graduation, makes 16 mil in 2 years ?
Wow, that's a professional blitzkrieg. I want to "leave for the world of banking" too !

Tell us how ! Did you start as a teller and worked your way up to derivatives desk ? Whom did you hand your application ? Was the first paycheck a regular $ 420 after taxes and if so, how long it took to average that ominous $ 666,666.66 a month ? Please share..

And what about the rest of us who never realized our dream of becoming a banker ?

    News from the finest country on Earth
   Human pyramid will get you promoted
 Jay Bybee, a former assistant attorney general and the principal author of a memo defining torture so narrowly as to require an act to ''be equivalent in intensity to the pain accompanying serious physical injury, such as organ failure, impairment of bodily function, or even death,'' was appointed as a judge on the federal appeals court (...) more
    Another one for the Well-regulated Militia
  As national debate on troubling lessons goes on in the media yet again, sales of Glock went up 68 % in Tucson. And the Repugnants (with bipartisan Ditherers' support) are finally doing something to deal with the violence. No guns within 1000 ft radius of a politician ! Yey !

Idiots like Jared, that moronic American People's version of a suicide-bomber, are huge waste of resource. Right there in Arizonastan, the home of the fuck Arpaio, he shoots a little girl.

..with Jared's rampage the closest thing American working class will ever come to a bloody revolution, US politicians are overcoming their differences, calling for the return of civility to national debate, and our House Negro President is even being praised as a "patriot" by the shot-down-on-first-mission fuckup pilot McCain. Obama will be real good from now on, Massa. After all, a mere pittance of $ 10 million is finally free of commie estate taxes.

In a quid pro quo, some people got their unemployment handouts extended. But only if the "total earnings in your base period were equal to at least one and one-half times your earnings in that quarter of your base period in which your earnings were the highest."

English translation : It's January 1, 2011. Your "base period" is - for some reason - 5 quarters back. Once you're locked into it, you're done and screwed. Why ? Because in that quarter 1.25 years ago you had, say, $ 10,000 in earnings, and in the next, 1 yr ago, $ 4,999. You are now officially one fucking dollar short of the bizarre requirement. No matter that in the very next quarter your wages amounted to, say $ 20,000. You're still locked into these 2 quarters until the end of that "base year". Meaning, you can reapply on June 1, 2011, based on those long forgotten Spring 2010 earnings.

If you don't understand this Byzantine charade, go Jared on your local politician. Chances are that's all you'd be able to accomplish with the lack of weaponry and intelligence required to go after the real perps. On the bright side, families of victims will knock on your parents door to declare on camera that they harbor no ill feelings and their prayers are with you..

There, there, I have just commited incitement to terrorism leading straight to violent overthrow of the Government, no less. If I get 3 years in the Fed pen, perhaps I'd get out in time to reapply for my fucking benefits...

    Pearce and Arpaio : the Rise of the Farts

 Wife-beater, public records forger and old stinkin' nazi shill Russell Pearce wants to take several millions of taxpayer money, dump it into a bill that will be repealed by Courts as unconstitutional and gain some creds with teabaggers. As a public office holder, Pearce mouthed the words to the oath and vowed to "defend the Constutution".

Grounds for impeachment ? Let the stinking fuck know : there's an answering machine at 602-926-5760 operated by someone called Karen. People who have the misfortune of being employed in the same office complex swear that Pearce is notorious for his strong body odor, especially obnoxious in the afternoon.

Then there's another copycat fuck out there : Duncan Duane Hunter (619-448-520 / 202-225-5672 ), spawned by Duncan Lee (what's with those inbreds inability to come up with a different first name, Dubya ?) and inheritor of his congressional seat in the backwater California boondocks district 52.

Arpaio's number is 602-876-1801 but that particular turd never shows up for work


    Chicago's creepy judges

   Not long after fat fuck Abbate was sent home scot-free* by a sociopath shyster John Fleming (55 W Randolph St Chicago, IL 60601 312-603-4158) **, another CPD goon gets his walking papers. Drunken driver / killer John Ardelean rescued by judge Thomas Gainer Jr. (State of Illinois Circuit Court, Cook County Judicial Circuit, 50 W. Washington, Room 1001, Chicago, IL 60602-1305, Phone: (312) 603-5030, Fax: (312) 603-4557).

How much, Tommy ?


* but now the real (civil) suit starts. Abbate and his copper buddies and co-conspirators Gary Ortiz & Patti Chiriboga are on trial, finally.

** "If I believed sentencing Anthony Abbate to prison would stop people from getting drunk and hitting people, I'd give him the maximum sentence"

   .. and shysters

Abbate's attorney, Peter Hickey*, said that Abbate was "tossed a rag doll" by Obrycka. "She grabbed him (and) almost had him on the ground."

* 2536 S. California Avenue, Chicago, IL 60608; 773-869-9800

 .. are at it again

"Sending the defendant to the penitentiary, in my opinion, would be more about revenge and less about justice'' Cook County Judge Thomas Fecarotta, after issuing yet another joke verdict in the ongoing cops on rampage vs citizens of this great country.

Imposing a sentence he called "appropriate and just" Fecarotta instead placed Mandarino on probation for 30 months and almost the whole 4 weeks of community service. The perp, another wopcop called Mandarino said "this situation doesn't define me as a man, as a husband, as a father''
He thanked his supporters - defense attorneys had submitted more than 80 letters written on his behalf - and praised the judge's decision.

Write a letter then, to Thomas P. Fecarotta, Jr., a judge of the Cook County 13th Subcircuit in Illinois. His current term expires in 2016.
In his retention questionnaire, he wrote : in answer to question 3 ("Name and describe one change you would make in the Illinois court system") :
"The one change I would make in the Illinois court system is to sanction more harshly those who file silly and obviously frivolous lawsuits"
Go get them silly plaintiffs, Thomas !

Mandarino and Fecalrotten : separated at birth ?

In the meanime, defense attorneys continued to argue that Mandarino did nothing wrong in striking Bell with his baton.
"We think Jim's action that night were reasonable" attorney
Richard Beuke said.
Added defense attorney
Ed Wanderling:
"Jim Mandarino is going to be okay. He's a good man. He's going to continue to be a good man"

Edmund P.Wanderling's office is at 6447 W. Cermak Rd., Berwyn, IL 60402; (708) 484-0909


 Another police goon gets justice (4.5 years, out in 18 months with good behaviour and on humanitarian / health grounds). Jon Burge tortured suspects to obtain "confessions" which, via our wonderful legal system, got them 20 and 30 years in the slammer. His lawyer, the same ol' Rick Beuke blamed "a certain segment of population" of stirring up hatred against his client and hopes to have this unjust conviction overturned soon. Beuke is also worried that "this type of sentence may cause lawyers to think it's open season on suing the police".

Hell, yeah ! And the Nurnberg trials could give the impression of open season on all kinds of government officials and elected representatives of the people. BTW, Beuke also pissed off the judge by reminding her of the murder of her parents. His goal ? To help his stinking client by changing the judge. Apparently, karma got the better of Beuke when the home of his own parents was burglarized...

Beuke's office is at 53 W. Jackson, # 1410, Chicago IL 60604; 312-427-3050

This city spends millions of your money on defending police goons, so little wonder that a shyster Andrew M. Hale wants in on the action. He's got himself a Mission Statement, no less, and he's not just another hyena out there, oh no. He's a "Center". Here's Andy's mission :

"Passion & Persistence

We have vast experience in defending police officers, cities, and municipalities in civil rights lawsuits. That is what we do. That is all we do. Our passion, dedication and experience defines that we are excellent at what we do. Let Andrew M. Hale & Associates Help You !"

"We applaud the advancements in DNA testing, which has allowed many innocent men to be released from prison for crimes they did not commit. What we do not applaud, however, is the all too common practice of an exonerated prisoner to turn around and blame the police for his wrongful conviction.(...)

This Center for the Defense of Wrongful Conviction Lawsuits was set up to give a voice to the hardworking police officers of this country that are being routinely blamed for every wrongful conviction that takes place."

As Hale says on the Jefferson Tap beating lawsuit: "We will wait and see what happens in the civil case.  For now - congrats to the criminal defense team."  But hey, what with the commie judges and stupid juries, you cannot win them all. That's why Andy has a T-shirt sideline.

Andy's offices are : 53 West Jackson Boulevard, Chicago - (312) 341-9646 & 7 South Fairview Avenue, Park Ridge - (847) 696-9020

    From the Underworld
 Those who say that he should stop fucking teasing us and just die already, keep forgetting the need for the stake.
Our sharp dressing former AmeriBasha had another one with QUINTUPLE bypasses. Is the forensic science community ready for whatever emerges from the authopsy ?


























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